In farming, you can’t have too many tools, the same principle is true for the River Country Cooperative agronomy department.  We have a large and growing tool box of seed, chemical, and fertilizer products, precision and application services as well as a skilled staff from which to select from in order to design the perfect program to fit each acre on your operation.

Why do we offer so many options to choose from?

Two Reasons:

  • Our industry is becoming more complex every day.  A short list of choices can jeopardize maximum production.
  • We serve a variety of producers ranging from light, irrigated soils to heavy, organic, dryland acres. That doesn’t include crop diversity and livestock operation factors. One size simply does not fit all.


Select the service below to learn more about our offerings:

Innovative Programs

Zone mapping programs - Splitting up your field into different management zones based on yield potential, soil maps, or yield data from past years. To manage your ground more efficiently and get the most out of every acre.

In season nitrogen recommendation - Suggesting how much nitrogen to put on your field midseason to promote plant growth, with the ability to use technology such as Adapt – N and the R7 Tool.

Variable Rate planting prescriptions - The use of yield maps and soil maps to create a variable rate planting prescription map.

Skilled Specialists

Certified Crop Advisors - A team of experts ready to help you during the times you need it most.

Experienced applicators - A skilled team ready to treat your acre like our own.

Operations & Logistics - Operations team full of experienced and organized professionals to make sure your farm gets serviced in a timely and efficient manner.

Quality Inputs

Starter Fertilizers - Levisol, Redline, 10-34-0, 7-23-5, Zinc 9 and 10%.

Dry Fertilizers - Urea, DAP, MAP, Potash, Ammonium Sulfate, ESN, Gypsum, Pellime Lime.

Trace Elements - Agri-sulfur 90%, Borate 15%, Zinc 10%, Zinc – Sulfur 35.5%.

Crop Protection Products - We carry an assortment of crop protection products from the following companies: Monsanto, Beyer, Syngenta, Dow, BASF, Winfield, West Central, DuPont.

Plant Performance Inoculants - Foliar Feed Products.

Risk Management

Fertilizer Contracting - Securing the proper amount of nutrients needed for your farm for the upcoming season.

Grain Hedging - Being able to set your grain prices throughout the season to better secure your market place come fall.

Seed Services

Seed treatments - Here at River Country we have our own seed treating facility to help with your seed treatment needs.

Application Services

Variable-rate dry fertilizer
Variable-rate anhydrous
Crop protection

Precision Technology

Drone survey and mapping - Receive a flown over image of your field in infrared and color.

Grid Sampling - Using GPS to receive a more accurate picture of your field.

R7 Tool - An internet program to view unbiased information about hybrids, as well as look at in-season and previous season photos of your fields.

Adapt-N - Nitrogen manager that uses yield and soil data along with historical averages to suggest how much nitrogen is needed in season.

Tissue sampling - Testing in season plant samples to determine nutrient uptake from your plant.