At River Country Cooperative, energy is our business, and has been for more than 80 years. We know propane and heating oil, put a priority on safety and customer service, and would love to be your energy supplier.

There’s one more benefit of doing business with River Country. Because we’re a cooperative, we’re locally owned by the people we serve. So unlike other energy suppliers, we answer directly to our customers.

Because we answer directly to every customer, we have multiple programs to be best fit everyone’s individual needs:

  • Automatic Fill – This is our most popular program. We monitor your usage and fill your tank when needed. You’ll never have to call us for a propane fill-up because we take care of managing your supply for you. This is our most convenient way to heat your home.

  • Fixed Price Contract –Purchase your winter fuel before the season starts at a locked-in rate. For cost-conscious homeowners, this program is great for you! It allows you to purchase a year’s worth of propane fuel, at a firm price, to last you throughout the year. Price fluctuations will not be a factor during the high-demanding heating season.

  • Even Payment Plan– Divide your annual bill into equal monthly payments. This program give the option of paying a specified amount each month based on your past usage. This allows you to spread your annual fuel bill over a full 12 months.

For more questions or to set up a program with River Country Cooperative, give us a call or contact us online:

Minnesota: 651-451-1151
Wisconsin: 715-201-9251