River Country Cooperative prioritizes safety; our agronomy division executes the proper procedures to ensure safety for ourselves and for you. To continue safe farming practices, we have found links to keep you and your operation up-to-date on this ever changing industry! We want our priority to become your priority as well.


Agriculture Information

Explore what the University of Minnesota is testing; look up updated restrictions specific for your county. It is a great idea to frequently check throughout the growing season so ensure safety for you and your operation.


Ammonia Safety

Ammonia is a dangerous product when not handled correctly. Being aware of the different injuries ammonia can cause will help lead you to proper treatment if you come in contact to the product.



Do you have a specific question about the chemical you are using? Check out the link below to find all labels for all chemicals, of all manufacturers to have your questions answered. Learn the specifics of the chemical used before spraying using the Label Look-up website!



Are you unsure if your pesticide license is out of date? Use the License Look-up to ensure you are ready for in season applications of herbicides and pesticides.

Pesticides and herbicides come in all types of containers. Properly disposing the containers creates a safe environment for you and the world around you. Learn how to dispose of them properly and where to recycle them.