Our nation relies on agriculture, and agriculture runs on energy. Supplying the quality fuels and lubricants you need to keep your equipment in the field, your vehicles on the road and your home, shop and livestock facilities warm has been our mission since this cooperative was formed in 1935.

We’re so particular about the energy we supply that we’ve created our own RCC Gold™ line of premium energy products. Details about our RCC Gold High Performance Diesel Fuel and RCC Gold Premium Lubricants can be found through the following links: High Performance Diesel Fuel, Diesel Engine Oil, and Tractor Fluid.

In addition to quality fuels and lubricants, River Country Cooperative offers:

  • Refined fuel and propane contracts
    • The premium diesel and propane contract is a fixed price contract.  It contracts both the price and the gallons that you are committed to purchase, regardless of whether or not future prices go up or down.
    • Every summer we mail out contracts with new pricing and terms. This typically is the best time to lock-in pricing for the winter season. Talk to one of your customer service representatives today for all the details.
  • Corn drying contracts
    • We offer corn drying contracts throughout the summer months giving you an opportunity to lock in future gallons at a fixed price. This allows you to not have to worry about paying the premium market price for corn drying gas throughout harvest.
  • Tank sizing and sourcing
    • We deliver propane and fuel to River Country Cooperative leased tanks and customer owned tanks. In addition, we perform annual leak tests on all the tanks that we fill to ensure the safety of you, your family or your business. Whether it’s 123 gallon tank or up to 30,000 gallons, River Country Cooperative is there to serve you.
  • Bulk lubricant storage systems and delivery
    • River Country Cooperative also offers bulk lubricants as well as a tank lease program for bulk lubricants. If you are interested in a new product or would like to hear more about our Lubricant delivery service, please call our office.
  • Bulk fuel and propane delivery
    • Having several bulk tanks and service trucks throughout Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin allows us to service our customers quickly and easily.
    • Automatic Fill- This is our most popular program. We monitor your usage and fill your tank when needed. You’ll never have to call us for a propane fill-up because we take care of managing your supply for you. This is our most convenient way to heat your home.  
    • Fixed Price Contract- Purchase your winter fuel before the season starts at a locked- in rate. For cost-conscious homeowners, this program is great for you! It allows you to purchase a year’s worth of propane fuel, at a firm price, to last you throughout the year. Price fluctuations will not be a factor during the high-demanding heating season.
    • Even Payment Plan- Divide your annual bill into equal monthly payments. This program give the option of paying a specified amount each month based on your past usage. This allows you to spread your annual fuel bill over a full 12 months.