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10-11-21 RCC Energy Market Update

Oct 11 •

Markets picked up right where they left off last week that had crude oil up a couple dollars and both products up multiple cents. The impressive rally in energy markets has pushed prices to seven year highs as crude oil closed above $80 a barrel for the first time since October 31st, 2014. Supply concerns […]

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5-11-21 RCC Energy Market Update

May 11 •

Much of today’s market focus was on the Colonial Pipeline and supply concern.  In some southern states supply was running dry and pump prices rose, causing panic buying by motorists.  The Biden administration projected that the Colonial Pipeline would restart in a few days and has been urging drivers not to top off their tanks.  […]

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1-12-21 RCC Energy Market Update

Jan 12 •

Oil prices shot up to levels not seen since mid-February, posting further gains riding the wake of the OPEC+ cuts, and edged a bit higher by a slightly weaker dollar.  RBOB futures showed the most strength rising higher by 2.23%, up $0.0322. Heating oil jumped by $0.0232. WTI finished moderately higher, up $0.96. API figures will […]

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