New Dicamba Restrictions

As many of us know, Dicamba is primarily used for controlling post-emergence broadleaf weeds. We have seen the beauty of Dicamba as well as the ugly. To diminish the ugly, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture has placed new restrictions for the 2018 growing season. These new restrictions are in addition to all previous restrictions.

  1. To reduce volatility (movement), they have set forth an application cutoff date of June 20th. Research has shown that plants in the vegetative stage are less affected than those in the reproductive stage.
  2. If the temperature exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit, application is prohibited. Dicamba volatilization injuries increase when temperatures are warmer.
  3. For more restriction information:

Dicamba is a great tool to use when fighting the war on weeds. It is important to use the product correctly and stay up-to-date on the restrictions to eliminate all off-target movement. Restrictions are in place to maintain a safe environment for ourselves and for our neighbors.

For any questions or more information, contact your sales agronomist.

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