Feed That Works Harder

Could your dairy operation benefit from lower feed costs, increased milk production and improved rumen health for your cows? If the answer is yes, then you’ll be as excited as we are by the new feed product now available from River Country Cooperative.

We are seeing excellent results feeding an extruded corn/soy product we are able to make in our Miesville mill. Experts say that during the extrusion process, heat releases the starch granules that are firmly embedded in the outer shell of each kernel of corn. The resulting feed should deliver almost twice as much digestible starch to the cow’s rumen compared to finely ground corn.

University trials have shown that starch digested in the rumen, not in the intestine, when matched with soluble protein can increase rumen pH, creating a healthier environment for fiber digestion. As an additional no-cost benefit, it enhances the natural production of microbial protein and energy in the rumen.

“We are feeding several herds the corn/soy product, and we have seen higher milk production and better reproduction,” states Duane Fowler, River Country livestock consultant. “We use 6.5 lbs. of corn/soy per head per day, and are able to cut out some farm corn from the ration while reducing bypass protein by more than 50%.”

Consider trying this feed product in your dairy. If you raise corn and/or soybeans, you can reduce your out-of-pocket cost by using our feed bank and paying only for the processing. Call our mill or stop in with any questions.