Dekalb/Asgrow Announcement

River Country Cooperative’s mission is to provide you access to the latest seeds, traits, crop protection, fertilizer, application and adjacent enabling technologies along with service beyond the acre for you to reach your optimal production potential. We continually review these offerings to ensure we are true to our agronomy mission statement.

Beginning immediately for the 2018 seed selling season, River Country Cooperative is proud to announce a renewed business partnership with Monsanto selling the Dekalb® / Asgrow® seed brands along with their digital technologies in Climate Corporation® and crop protection portfolios. By linking technology, seed placement, fertilizer management and crop protection from leading agricultural companies our agronomy staff is able to partner with you to maximize your yield potential and profitability over the course of your farming career.

The addition of the Dekalb / Asgrow seed brands allows our agronomy staff to provide an even higher level of service beyond a unit of seed and facilitates our strategy to work with patrons on a whole acre approach beginning with the seed choices that you make on your farming operation.

For 2018, River Country Cooperative will not be offering the Gold Country® and Rob-See-Co™ seed brands to our patrons. Your sales agronomist will be out soon to discuss your 2018 seeds needs and how River Country Cooperative’s whole acre approach can maximize the profitability on all of your farming acres. It is our desire to continue growing our seeds business with you, and we are excited about our continued seeds and agronomy growth to be your supplier of choice!

If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to your sales agronomist or the River Country Agronomy management team.